Purva Weaves Price

Unit Type Size Price
3 BHK 2200 Sq Ft Onrequest
3 BHK 2400 Sq Ft Onrequest
4 BHK 2600 Sq Ft Onrequest
4 BHK 2900 Sq Ft Onrequest

Purva Weaves residences apartments are expected to have pre-launch pricing ranging from Rs. 1.5 crore* for a 3 BHK residential apartment to Rs. 3 crores* for a premium 4 BHK residential unit. A well-built apartment in this neighbourhood with all the necessary features and specs usually starts from Rs. 90 lakhs*.

For first-time home buyers and investors, Purva Weaves offers a range of apartments with different sizes, styles, and facilities. The amenities provided and the neighbourhood where each apartment is situated affect the price of each unit. Purva Weaves has deliberately provided the best pricing in the project vicinity, which hosts multiple top IT companies and Trade Centres.

The price list, cost sheet, and payment schedule for the Purva Weaves residential project are attached below. The price of these modern apartments depends on the features that investors and homeowners select based on their requirements. The project's new launch price offers various prices and payment options. Puravankara Limited, the developers of Purva Weaves, is committed to offering their clients luxurious residential apartments at a fair price with an adjustable payment schedule.

East Bangalore's Purva Weaves offers its citizens a unique contemporary amenity at the lowest possible price. Yemalur is an excellent place to invest in spacious 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments in the city's eastern part. Purva Weaves has a detailed, comfortable, and thoughtful design. Its distinctive and fantastic design allows you to relax and enjoy your time away from home in a luxurious, comfortable, and best city environment.

When evaluating the price of an apartment, certain key points should be considered :

  • Price of apartments in Purva Weaves.
  • Price of apartments in Yemalur.
  • Price of apartments in Bangalore.
  • Payment Plan – The upright decision by Puravankara Limited.
  • Bangalore Real Estate Price Trends.
  • Current Price on Yemalur and Price Trends.
  • Cost Sheet - The Ultimate document for customer decision.

Price of apartments in Purva Weaves

Price of apartments in Purva Weaves

To meet the needs of various investors and buyers, Purva Weaves provides a sophisticated residential apartment complex in a wide range of sizes and dimensions. Buyers can quickly decide which apartment they want by comparing the price list and different apartment options based on size and cost. The Purva Weaves price is based on the characteristics and size of the flats.

Purva Waves apartment price list:

  • 3 BHK (2200 sq. ft.) – Will be announced soon.
  • 3 BHK (2400 sq. ft.) – Will be announced soon.
  • 4 BHK (2600 sq. ft.) – Will be announced soon.
  • 4 BHK (2900 sq. ft.) – Will be announced soon.

Details regarding the built-in area and the exact cost of each apartment will shortly be made public. The project's pre-launch date will be announced to prospective purchasers and investors shortly. Puravankara Limited pledges to meet the timelines it provides to potential investors. Consequently, the project will soon be completed and turned over to ownership.

Purva Weaves' residential development is in its pre-launch phase. The price list will shortly be introduced. Buyers and investors can reserve the desired houses in this large Yemalur and East Bangalore neighbourhood. With the recent spike in real estate values, this is a great moment to invest in Yemalur, Bellandur. Over time, investors can expect a sizable rise in their property value.

Price of apartments in Yemalur

Price of apartments in Yemalur

Yemalur, in the eastern part of Bangalore, is a rich neighbourhood that has grown quickly in the last several years. Multinational corporations reside in the region, which also offers some of the best social and physical infrastructure benefits to the city. It has grown into the largest residential sector in the city as well. Thus, the best investment option is now available for investors and home buyers in Yemalur.

Yemalur is the best neighbourhood in Bangalore to buy an apartment or a villa because it is the most sought-after place. Compared to other city areas, it is less crowded and has seamless connectivity, making it ideal for locals. The region hosts multiple job opportunities for its residents.

The average price of a mid-range apartment in the area is Rs. 10,549 per square foot, while the most expensive listed property is Rs. 15,369 per square foot. Multi-story homes in Yemalur can be bought for a median price of Rs. 1* crore and an average of Rs. 75* lakhs.

The real estate market in Yemalur and its surrounding area is seeing tremendous expansion and rise due to the inflow of migrant workers. The region is attracted by the well- known international firms and IT Companies that have established their operations there.

Price of apartments in Bangalore

Price of apartments in Bangalore

Compared to other regions of the country, Bangalore has had substantial infrastructure development in the surrounding. It includes growing transit networks, new metro lines, and enhanced connectivity. Bangalore, a major player in the Indian software sector, is frequently called Silicon Valley of India. Due to these improvements, certain areas become more desirable to real estate investors, which may drive up the price of real estate in Bangalore.

The demand for residential apartments in Bangalore has increased significantly due to the city's expanding population and rising migration of working people. As the population grows, more residential units are needed, which could drive up regional costs. Owing to high demand, several residential projects have been constructed throughout the city to provide workers with higher-quality, more affordable homes in well-liked neighbourhoods.

Key points to consider while deciding the price of an apartment in Bangalore :

  • Location
  • Surrounding amenities and locality
  • Project amenities and Specifications
  • Builder Reputation
  • Resale Value
  • Future Infrastructure Development

Residential apartments in Bangalore provide 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 4 BHK apartment units in various sizes and configurations. Pricing is usually influenced by the project's amenities and apartment sizes. In the inexpensive segment, a mid-range 2 BHK costs Rs. 80 Lakhs, while a 3 BHK costs Rs. 3 Cr. A 2 BHK home in the premium market is priced at Rs. 2.5 crore, while a 4 BHK apartment costs Rs. 5.7 crore.

Payment Plan – The upright decision by Puravankara Limited

Payment Plan The upright decision by Puravankara Limited

The payment plan for any residential project offers detailed information about the cost of the apartment, including the price based on the kind of unit, space, floor, GST, initial booking cost, agreement cost, and monthly instalment amount. Additionally, the payment process is explained in detail.

The Purva Weaves Payment Plan provides an easy payment plan. Where customers can pay with simple, risk-free instalments. 10% of the total payment will be withheld from the investors at the time of booking. Quarters will be applied to the remaining amount once payment is received. The base price does not cover extra costs like stamp duty and registration fees. These payments must be paid throughout the registration time and the duration of possession. Taxes will be included in all charges.

RERA provides a structured payment plan that consists of the following steps :

  • Payment of 10% of the total property cost is required while confirming the booking.
  • Once the construction starts, 10% of the total cost will be billed immediately.
  • Once the plinth level has been completed, 15% of the total amount will be due for payment.
  • A buyer will be charged 2% to 5% once each development stage is completed.
  • The balance will be due at registration or upon possession of the home.

Bangalore Real Estate Price Trends

Bangalore Real Estate Price Trends

Bangalore's residential real estate market is the best region for buyers and sellers to invest in residential property. The industry has several potentials because of the growing demand, frictions in micro markets, infrastructural development, pricing trends, regulatory changes, and lifestyle options.

Bangalore's ongoing infrastructural development, mainly metro construction, has increased accessibility and connectivity to other regions in the city. Infrastructure projects may impact real estate values. Bangalore's real estate market is expected to continue increasing due to a number of factors, including the creation of jobs, improvements to the infrastructure, and overall economic expansion.

Price of apartments in Bangalore around Yemalur surroundings :

Place Average Price Per Sq. ft.
Indiranagar Rs. 18,417/-
Whitefield Rs. 12,904/-
Bellandur Rs. 13,835/-
Yemalur Rs. 15,369/-
Marathahalli Rs. 12,091/-
HSR Layout Rs. 15,083/-
BTM Layout Rs. 11,370/-
Koramangala RS. 15,973/-

Factors boosting the real estate growth of Bangalore are :

  • Well-developed infrastructure.
  • Good climate throughout the year.
  • Higher and fine standards of lifestyle.
  • Greater employment opportunities.
  • Proper connectivity and accessibility.

The real estate industry is expected to grow in 2024 as large international firms and local companies looking to gain market share come to Bengaluru. In addition, the growth of the start-up industry, which has seen many companies become members of the Unicorn League, has added to the increase in residential real estate. Major companies like Google, Microsoft, and IBM are also based in the city; they have large offices and often hire new staff. Because of this, Bengaluru is growing in popularity as a place to invest and is experiencing a rise in the demand for premium real estate.

Current Price on Yemalur and Price Trends

Current Price on Yemalur and Price Trends

Yemalur, close to Bellandur, has expanded quickly over the last ten years, making it a great place for future growth. Yemalur is well known for its high-end, modern apartment buildings with a range of opulent residences across the city. Before determining the price of these units, Puravankara Limited would research local prices and market trends. Both residential buyers and investors anticipate the pre-launch event since it allows them to buy their ideal house.

Yemalur's residential property values have increased over time. It's one of the best places for locals to get their everyday needs conveniently. Based on current market trends, an apartment for between Rs. 10,498 and Rs. 15,369 per square foot may be purchased. The rental cost of an apartment in Yemalur might range from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 1,00,000, contingent upon the type of residential flat.

The cost of the property is important whether you want to buy it as an investment or to move closer to your place of work. Yemalur is one of the most important residential zones in the city's eastern part. It is strategically located next to Marathahalli and Silk Board and is the home of several prominent business parks and multinational corporations.

Cost Sheet - The Ultimate document for customer decision

Cost Sheet The Ultimate document for customer decision

The cost sheet is the most precise document for estimating the cost of a property. It has not been released to the public since Purva Weaves is still in the pre-launch phase. Home buyers and investors alike can base their financial decisions on the extensive information provided in the cost sheet, which speeds up a deal settlement.

The complete apartment price breakdown has been mentioned below :

  • Agreement value
  • Additional charges
  • Stamp duty and registration
  • Taxes
  • Base price
  • Total Price
  • Applicable GST for the Apartment

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the price of a 3 BHK apartment in Purva Weaves?

The builder has yet to announce the price of the Purva Weaves 3 BHK apartment. A luxurious 3 BHK apartment typically costs Rs. 1.5 crore.

2. What is the average cost of property in Yemalur?

The average cost of property in Yemalur ranges between Rs. 10,059 and Rs. 15,369 per square foot.

3. Do we need to pay any floor raise charges to buy an apartment on a higher floor in Purva Weaves?

The price of Purva Weaves has yet to be announced. According to the RERA Act, a floor-raise charge will apply to apartments on higher floors.

4. What is the payment plans typically offered by builders?

The builders of Purva Weaves offer various payment plans, including a construction-linked plan, a down payment plan, and a plan where you pay a certain amount with nothing due until possession.

5. Are there any extra charges or fees which must be paid during registration?

Purva Weaves will inform you about any charges before registration. All charges are mentioned on the cost sheet, with no hidden fees.

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